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welcome tobukarance enterprises

Music - Fashion - Cannabis - Transportation - Multi-Media


Our Mission

BUKARANCE is a multi-lifestyle brand for the Urban Music, Fashion, Cannabis, Travel consumer (21- 51). We develop and produce a wide variety of products/services in these industries with a unique cross-branding/marketing strategy that will insure maximum visibility and create brand loyalty worldwide.

Bukarance Enterprises products/services include (but not limited to):

  • Bukarance Records (record label est. 1999 with international cult following)

  • Bukarance Apparel (urban clothing and footwear)

  • BukaBudz (cannabis products/services/dispensary)

  • BukaBus aka Bukarance Transit (interstate passenger transportation service for the cannabis, music, fashion, media, travel lifestyle consumer)

  • BukaVision (multi-media smart TV app and internet channel advertising/marketing/promoting all content BUKARANCE)


Bukarance Records - Bukarance Apparel - BukaBudz - BukaBus - BukaVision




Official Soundtrack of Bukarance

Bukarance is “Rebel Music”. We focus on recording art that goes against the norm, and isdistinctly unique in sound, image, and genre. The Bukarance story began in 1998. Western MA, Hip-Hop trio MASPYKE was recording their first independent release after a 3 year major recording contract where they co-wrote and co-produced for major Gold and Platinum artists, and was unsure of the next level of their career. With the three artists living between NYC, Springfield MA, Yokohama Japan, forming an Independent label was the best option.


Bukarance Records was born. Between 1999 and 2021 Bukarance Records has collectively released 8 full length albums and over 100 songs totaling over 500,000 units sold including 12” singles, mixtapes, guest features, etc, and has toured 25 US states and 9 countries worldwide. Bukarance Records is the soundtrack to the Bukarance lifestyle. When you listen to Bukarance Records, you are introduced to all other Bukarance sub-brands. This is defined as “cross-marketing”, and is an intricate part of promoting the Bukarance brand awareness throughout the US and worldwide. Bukarance Records plans to sign new artists and offer a cutting-edge unique sound to the new generation of Urban “Rebel Music”.





Official Attire of Bukarance

Bukarance Apparel, like it’s older sibling “Bukarance Records” is “Rebel Attire”. Hoodies, Jackets, Sweats, Hats, Socks, and Sneakers all donned with the infamous black & white “b;” logo ensemble is essential to the bold fashion expression of the “Bukarance Rebel” lifestyle. When you wear Bukarance Apparel, you are a part of a movement. You represent the free thinker. The rule breaker. The world changer. When you see Bukarance Apparel, you see all other Bukarance sub-brands. This is defined as “cross-marketing”, and is an intricate part of promoting the Bukarance brand awareness throughout the US and worldwide.

Future lines from Bukarance Apparel include:

  • BukaBaddy (female clothing line)

  • BukaBaby (children clothing line)

  • BukaBeagle (dog clothing line)

  • BukaChamp (sports apparel/accessories)

  • BukaBody (health/fitness clothing line)



Official Bukarance Cannabis Products/Services

BUKABUDZ will procure and provide the highest level of cannabis flower and cannabis related products/accessories/services to the recreational and medical cannabis consumer using our cross-marketing “BukaBranding” strategy by using Bukarance Records music content/videos, Bukarance Apparel clothing, BukaBus “BukaBudz” passenger van transportation to and from cannabis dispensaries (on board samples, on board digital advertisements), BukaVision (smart TV app providing multi-media consumption for all things BUKA, and our very own BukaBudz cannabis dispensary located in Western MA, (coming soon). BukaBudz is currently supplied by local farmers in Western MA and Colorado. When you see BukaBudz, you see all other Bukarance sub-brands. This is defined as “cross-marketing”, and is an intricate part of promoting the Bukarance brand awareness throughout the US and worldwide.

Other BukaBudz products currently in development:

  • BukaHookah (hookah tobacco, pipes & accessories)

  • BukaBogie (cigar infused herbal blend)

  • BukaBiscuit (cbd infused dog treats)

  • BukaBong (cannabis bongs, rolling papers, lighters, etc)

  • BukaWater (cbd/thc infused water)

  • BukaBeer (cbd/thc infused beer)

  • BukaFruit (cbd/thc infused fruit juices, popsicles, jam, dried fruit, etc.)

  • BukaButter (cbd/thc infused body oil/cooking/baking oil)

  • BukaBakery (cbd/thc infused baked goods/edibles)


And many more...

BUKABUS aka Bukarance Transit

Official Bukarance Passenger Transportation Service

For the passenger who works, lives, and/or plays between NYC, CT and Western MA, this is the premier transportation service to ensure you arrive at your destination in style, in peace, and on time. This is a 21+ lifestyle transportation service which caters to the 420 (cannabis) friendly and non-cannabis adult who prefers a private transportation experience between NYC and Western MA. With your BukaBudz membership you will enjoy traveling to and from our BukaBudz dispensary (coming soon) as well as other cannabis dispensaries on our routes. When you ride BukaBus, you experience Bukarance Records music videos, multi-media app content, Bukarance advertisements and affiliated business advertisements/promotions on the front & back flat screens. You will sample BukaBudz edible products (food/drinks on select coaches at additional costs). The BukaBus will also serve as a mobile “street promo” van which will promote and advertise all of the products/services of the entire Bukarance brand as it passes through 3 states per day with multiple This is defined as “cross-marketing”, and is an intricate part of promoting the Bukarance brand awareness throughout the US and worldwide. BukaBus plans to expand throughout key routes across the east coast within the next 3 years. Within 5 years, BukaBus will be the “Greyhound of Cannabis”.


  • Convenience

  • Mobile App & Website Navigation

  • Comfort

  • 420 Friendly (cannabis edibles food/drinks, flower pens included on select coaches at additional costs & BukaBudz membership)

  • Safety

  • Affordability

  • Digital on-board advertising opportunities for local businesses between NYC-CT-Western MA and all of our future routes

  • Exclusive membership offered which include discounts, limited editions, pre-orders, and other bonuses on select Bukarance products/services



Official Bukarance TV app & Film Production


If you had half a decent childhood, then you fondly recall the fantastic “WonkaVision” technology, the brainchild of Mr. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Well we have BukaVision. BukaVision is a smart TV channel app and internet channel that will market, promote and advertise the entire Bukarance brand. Music videos, commercials, live concerts, TV shows, films and much more. This is defined as “cross-marketing”, and is an intricate part of promoting the Bukarance brand awareness throughout the US and worldwide.

(Lifestyle Connoisseur)


Cab Cabernet (lifestyle connoisseur) founder, owner and creative of Bukarance Enterprises and Krushed Grapes Lifestyle. Cab has over 25 combined years of experience in the industries of music, fashion, travel, wine, consulting, fund raising, design, management, marketing, branding.

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